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OUR GOAL  To provide high quality, safe, humane and reliable livestock transportation services. We do this with pride, integrity and efficiency, while contributing to the success of our customers, our employees and our owners.

Phoenix Trucking, Inc. is a team of interstate cattle transportation and interstate livestock trucking professionals that has been in business since 1946. Based in the heart America's cattle country, Phoenix Trucking, Inc. has terminal operations in Holdrege, Nebraska, and Liberal , Kansas. Since Phoenix Trucking, Inc. cattle transportation company is so centrally located any of the Phoenix Trucking, Inc. livestock hauler fleet of 50 trucks is within hours of your cattle feedlot, cattle ranch or livestock auction.

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Phoenix Trucking, Inc. Trailers are 48' - 53' wide x 102' and most are equipped with air ride for transported cattle and transporting livestock.Phoenix Trucking, Inc. travels to nearly every state in the continental United States hauling all types of  livestock as was the vision and beginning of the company in 1946.  Phoenix Trucking, Inc. is still one of the largest livestock haulers in the nation and has an experienced staff of employees. The 24 hour dispatch professional at Phoenix Trucking, Inc. has over 90 years of livestock hauling experience and can find loads and service deliveries when other companies can’t.

Our Cattle and Hog Transportation Trailers are 48' - 53' wide x 102' and most are equipped with air ride for transported cattle and transporting livestock. Our interstate livestock hauling team of cattle truck and livestock truck drivers holds an impressive average of 15 years behind the wheel and a total of 5 years with Phoenix Trucking, Inc..  Our fleet is equipped with winter kits, watering kits, and all drivers have cell phones.

Cattle trucking companies and livestock hauling companies come and go.  Phoenix Trucking, Inc. is committed to provide the best service available and prides itself on delivering our customers livestock safely with pride, integrity, and efficiency.

Phoenix Trucking, Inc. assures its customers that their animals are treated humanely to economically exceed expectations and maximize profits. We at Phoenix Trucking, Inc. are both proud of and work very hard at the on-time performance of our truck drivers in their load pickup and delivery of your cattle, hogs and other livestock, to and from to cattle markets, cattle feedlots, packing plants and livestock auctions.


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We transport cattle and hogs of all varieties
but we specialize in transporting cattle and hogs in the
stocker feeder line and in lightweight cattle transportation.


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